Governor Pushes Proposition 11

Fresno, CA Proposition 11 would take re-districting power out of the hands of the legislature and put it into the hands of a 14-member committee.

Governor Schwarzenegger was joined by Fresno Mayor Alan Autry and Police Chief Jerry Dyer in showing their support for Proposition 11.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "The real problem with that is both parties stay in their idealogicial corners and by doing so they get rewarded for that and what gets punished is compromise. Compromise gets punished under the current system."

If Prop 11 passes, members of the legislature would no longer be able to re-draw district assembly and senate lines.

Fresno Mayor Alan Autry said, "It is unfixable the way the political lines are drawn now because the folks in there now will continue as to cave in to the political interests."

But opponents call Proposition 11 confusing. Re-districting would be handled by a 14-member committee ... including five democrats and five republicans.

Critics of Prop 11 say many communities would be left without any representation.

Paul Hefner of Citizens for Accountability said, "Prop 11 doesn't have any sort of guarantee that even any particular region of the state will even have one person on the commission. The entire central valley for example could have not a single person on that commission."

Supporters, including the governor, say passage of Proposition 11 would re-shape the political landscape.


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