Valley Residents Voting Early

Fresno, CA, USA The Fresno County Elections Division is working long hours preparing for next Tuesday's election, processing thousands of newly registered voter applications and taking care of longtime voters, like Doris Pondexter, who are voting early.

Doris Pondexter said, "I wanted to beat the rush, I wanted to be sure my vote was in, and that I'm a part of history."

Anyone registered can vote early here in downtown Fresno but once you drop the ballot into the box you can't change your mind.

Fresno Co. Clerk Victor Salazar said, "You only get to vote once. So once you cast your ballot, it's a done deal ... More people will cast their ballot by mail than voting at the polls on Election Day."

Vote by mail ... What was once called absentee balloting will dominate this year's election. Salazar expects them to account for more than half perhaps 55 percent of all votes cast. A daunting task to verify and count but all the new voters he adds is a very good thing.

Victor Salazar said, "It's very rewarding right now to see all of the interest, especially among young people."

He adds this reminder ... Every vote by mail ballot must be turned in by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day ... Whether you mail them or turn them in at any polling place. Bob and Nancy Moeck weren't taking any chances. They delivered their's to the clerk's office in person this week.

Nancy Osborne said, "Tell me why you felt you had to come and actually deliver your absentee ballot? Nancy Moeck said, "We just wanted to make sure that it arrived on time."

Doris Pondexter also wanted to insure that nothing kept her from casting a ballot in this election. And she encourages everyone else to do the same!

Pondexter said, "Whoever you choose to vote for get out and vote, vote early."


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