Hundreds Show Up For Saturday Voting

11/1/2008 Fresno, CA Some showed up hoping to beat the Election Day rush. "Why stand in line for a several hours? Because I feel there's probably going to be a lot of people this time," said Les Thomas of Fresno.

County elections workers say they've already gotten 93,000 mail-in ballots back and more than 300 people voted Saturday. Based on the number of early and newly registered voters, they're expecting even bigger numbers Monday. "I'm sure it's going to be pretty heavy as it was on Friday. On Friday, we had over 800 voters so we're expecting large crowds," said voter registration supervisor Andy Anderson.

As early voters cast their ballots downtown, young people took to the streets of southeast Fresno to remind people to vote on Tuesday. The teens were part of Faith in Community, a group made up of 20 congregations and religious organizations. They targeted registered voters in traditionally underrepresented groups and though the majority of people appreciated the reminder, some seemed a little indifferent. "It gets you kind of upset, that people don't care who's going to be the next leader but it is okay, it's their choice… their freedom," said 19 year old Vincent Villanueva.

The teens said they feel like their efforts are making a difference. Come Election Day -- they're hoping all of their steps will amount to more ballots in the box.

Early voting will continue Monday at the county elections office in downtown Fresno. It will be open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


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