Changes in the Race for Fresno Mayor

Fresno, CA, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Exclusive Action News / SurveyUSA Poll

If the election for Fresno mayor were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? (names rotated) Henry T. Perea? Or Ashley Swearengin?

41% Henry T. Perea
53% Ashley Swearengin
6% Undecided

Our latest exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows Ashley Swearengin has dramatically increased her lead over Henry T. Perea in the race for Fresno Mayor.

Four days before the election the poll shows Swearengin with a 53-to- 41-point lead. Six percent remain undecided. More than 600 likely Fresno voters were polled.

Ashley Swearengin may have surged in our exclusive poll but she certainly isn't comfortable at this point or taking anything for granted.

Ashley Swearengin is extremely pleased with the latest poll results with Tuesday's election fast-approaching. Two weeks ago, our exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA showed Swearengin with a five-point edge. That lead has now increased to 12-points.

"We're just thrilled with the momentum and really pleased to see things coming together. We're anxious for Election Day. There's still campaigning left to do out there and we'll be working hard until 8pm on November 4th," said Swearengin.

ABC30 political analyst Tony Capozzi believes the endorsement of Fresno Mayor Alan Autry is responsible for Swearengin's big boost. "The question becomes is it just merely a bump that's gonna come down later. It doesn't seem like that because we now have six-percent of people undecided so people are now setting a focus on the election."

Action news caught up with Henry T. Perea Friday afternoon but he declined our request for an interview regarding his campaign, Perea would only say he will continue to get his message out.

Political analyst Tony Capozzi adds the race is far from over because it still comes down to who can actually get out the vote. Moments ago Perea received an endorsement from State Attorney General Jerry Brown.


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