Fight for the White House is Hours from Ending

Washington D.C., USA Polls open early Tuesday morning for Election Day 2008. Millions of early ballots have already been cast, but Tuesday's voting will settle things the old-fashioned way.

It's been a long time since John McCain and Barack Obama began their official run for president.

"We began this journey in the depths of winter nearly two years ago," said Obama.

Now it's down to this one final day of campaigning.

With one day left, John McCain began his day with a midnight rally in Miami. "They may not know it, but the Mac is back!!!" said McCain.

McCain will be on a grueling final lap of campaigning through seven states on Monday; including Florida and Pennsylvania in the east and Nevada and Arizona in the west.

"I am running to be commander in chief. Senator Obama is running to spread the wealth I am running to create more wealth. I am running to make everyone successful. This is the fundamental difference between Obama and me," said McCain.

Barack Obama is spending his last day of campaigning hitting the southern states of Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia; red states he's trying to turn blue.

Both candidates are fighting hard as they make their final push to win over undecided voters. Many battleground states are still competitive, although nationally, polls show Obama leading by nine points.

"We've learned not to be surprised by anything in politics in the recent years," said ABC New Political Analyst George Stephanopoulos, "what's been remarkable; polls over the last month, just how steady they are."

They all show a steady Obama lead over the last several weeks. In our own ABC News poll, he's been over 50%.

Both candidates are also making their final arguments in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, and will have another chance in a very different venue tonight, on Monday Night Football.


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