Florez Campaign: Concede or Challenge Results?

Political News Republican Danny Gilmore holds a slim four-point lead over Democrat Fran Florez for the 30th District seat in the State Assembly, or about 2,000 votes. The victory could be a major one for the Republican party, which has sought the seat for many years. But Fran Florez says the race isn't over yet.

As the numbers rolled in, Danny Gilmore found himself with a more than 2,400 vote lead over Democrat Fran Florez. While that is a bigger margin of votes from his race against Nicole Parra two years ago, Gilmore says he isn't claiming victory yet.

On little sleep, Danny Gilmore spent part of Wednesday returning dozens of phone calls at this campaign office in Hanford. Gilmore, a retired California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief, is confident his lead over Shafter city councilwoman Fran Florez will hold up.

Danny Gilmore says "To be up by 2,400-plus votes is a great feeling I've said it all along I'm cautiously optimistic but we feel good about it."

On Election night during a rally in Bakersfield, Florez expressed optimism she'd pull off a win. But on Wednesday, that hope quickly turned into a "No comment" from her campaign which must now decide whether to concede or challenge the results. For Gilmore, his focus now is on hiring staff members, and keeping up his dialogue with voters about the issues facing the valley.

Gilmore says "I've talked about career technical education, I would love to see us get away from some of the categorical spending."

Incumbent Nicole Parra, who crossed party lines to endorse Gilmore, says she couldn't be happier with the Gilmore's win.

Nicole Parra says "He will have the ability because of the district he represents. He beat a democrat in a democratic landslide for President!"

Parra and Gilmore agree that getting water to the Central Valley is priority number one. Parra says "He is going to be a player in water. I'm so proud of him, but he needs to secure the Republican votes to help pass the bond and that should be a priority."

Nicole Parra says she will continue to provide any advice for Gilmore should he ask for it during his assembly term. Danny Gilmore will be meeting with the Republican caucus in Sacramento this week.


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