Same Sex Marriage Supporters March against Prop 8

Fresno, CA, USA Hundreds gathered at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Northeast Fresno for a candlelight vigil and march in support of same sex marriage. The crowd marched from the church to the Peace Garden on the Fresno State University Campus.

Rally organizer Robin McGeehee said marchers are just demanding their civil rights." If we're really going to argue equality for all we can't just say that when we're talking about the constitution it's only written for people who are not gays and lesbians when we're talking about protecting classes of people it should be all people." She said.

Earlier, supporters of Prop 8 gathered at Cornerstone Church in downtown Fresno to celebrate their victory. Where Pastor Jim Franklin proclaimed:"We have sent a message across the United States that california is no longer defined by San Francisco values."

With the passage of Prop 8 many counties quit granting licenses to same sex couples. Merced County is one exception.

"At this point there is no change in the law. We see no change in the law that would cuase us to change anything we're doing now." Said Merced County Clerk Stephen Jones.

Legal challenges to the vote have been filed, and as these marchers, and others around the state are showing, the issue is not going away. A.J. Kruth of Clovis put it this way,"It was important to come out tonight because of the unfortunate vote on Tuesday it's important that our voices continue to be heard we're not going away, there are going to be a lot of skirmishes in this battle and we're gonna continue to fight on until we have equality. We're not looking for more but we're not gonna settle for less."


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