Gay Rights Advocates Calling for Boycott

11/9/2008 California News Thousands gathered in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

They went to Utah to target the Mormon Church, which was reportedly one of the biggest backers of the ballot initiative. Some gay rights advocates are even calling for a boycott of the entire state of Utah.

18-thousand same sex couples got married in California after the State Supreme Court legalized the weddings in June.

State Attorney General Jerry Brown says the same court will have a role in determining whether those couples keep their marriage licenses. "I believe their marriages are valid. Now the fact that I believe that as Attorney General is one thing. It will depend of course on the California Supreme Court."

Several lawsuits have been filed to ask the state Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8 because they say it violates the equal protection clause of the state constitution. Prop 8 supporters say they designed the initiative to withstand constitutional challenges.


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