Brooklyn's Brave Battle

Fresno, CA, USA But Sunday morning, Brooklyn died waiting for the organs she desperately needed to live, but the celebration is going on.

Brooklyn Espinoza was at the top of the transplant list when she died Sunday. Her family had three offers, but with each one there was a problem. She needed to receive both a kidney and liver at the same time and she passed away waiting for both.

Brooklyn Espinoza almost lived to see family and friends host a ball in her honor.

"There's going to be people raising money for us so we can pay for a new liver for us. I'm going to be the princess at the ball."

The fourth grader, with a big smile who loved to read and play with her dog, boots, passed away.

Brooklyn's father Joe Espinoza said, "Since she was born, she was a fighting her whole life to live. She never once did she ever complain about being picked or prodded. Everything she went through she never complained to us and I just felt she never really realized she was sick."

Brooklyn was born with a rare genetic disorder that affects the liver, heart and kidneys.

Her parents expected their daughter would live to receive the organs that would give her a third chance at life. Brooklyn received a liver transplant at 2, that lasted until now.

Sunday morning within just a few short hours complications arose that took their little girls life.

"She knew she was going to get that liver. But, she did, she got a brand new one, in heaven."

Medical costs to extend Brooklyn's life have piled up over the past decade, and so a close family friend planned a ball to help cover costs expecting her to see the benefits of their efforts.

Kevin Blain said, "We knew we were going to have an event that involved dinner, and an auction and possibly dancing and Brooklyn is the princess and everyone knows that so it just went hand in hand with having this nice celebration nice night for Brooklyn."

Her parents have decided the ball will go on. Brooklyn would've wanted it to. Family members hope each person who attends the ball will feel touched when they leave.

Brooklyn's mother Desiree Espinoza said, "Many people who are able to go will walk away inspired and encouraged to be an organ donor. Our daughter died of liver failure because there was not a match for her."

Family members have sold 550 tickets to the ball. They still have about 150 more left. If you'd like to attend or donate Visit the Brooklyns Bridge website.


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