Veterans Day through a Child's Eyes

November 11, 2008 6:44:08 PM PST
Most kids at Veterans Day parades wave the traditional American flag and wait for the cheerleaders or the marching bands. But Savannah Fitzgerald is hard at work with pen and paper. She said, "Well, it's not a school project but me and my friend Zoee are just having some fun by writing what we saw in the parade." Savannah is keeping a journal of sorts for her father. "He works night shift as a policeman and he sleeps on the daytime." The fourth grader shared a couple of things that touched her heart at Fresno's Veterans Day parade and plans to tell her dad about. She said, "The first thing we wrote about is the airplane how it flew over really loud. And the heartwarming song that sets gentle tears in the veterans' eyes."

Veterans like Homer Harris. He said, "It means everything. Freedom and family." The Vietnam vet remembers being drafted into the Army in 1965 and is comforted by the huge crowds at this year's parade. "I never miss it, I'm always here. Always take the grandkids."

Korean War veteran Don Martin says if there's one thing he'd like to pass on to the next generation it would be this... "Young people mainly need to understand that they cannot get a free ride in this world of ours today that they have to work at freedom."

It's a lesson that doesn't seem to be lost on Savannah Fitzgerald. She wanted to tell all service members, "Thank you and we're happy that you're home and safe."


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