Proposition 8 Repercussion

Fresno, CA, USA She says its in repercussion for her public opposition to the measure which bans same sex marriage. Aaron Olson said, "The school was extremely excited that we were coming. They were very open and affirming, we never hid the subject that we were an alternative family and that seemed to be irrelevant."

Aaron Olson says he, partner AJ Krutch, Robin Mcgehee and her wife Kathy Adams were met with open arms by the staff and administration at St. Helens Catholic School when they enrolled their son Sebastian in pre-school last year. That is why what happened came as such a shock to the family.

Aaron Olson said, "Today she received a call from Father Sal stipulating that he was forcibly removing her from the PTO due to a conflict of interest."

That "conflict of interest" that forced Robin from her position as president of the Parent-Teacher Organization was explained as being her public involvement in the "No on Prop 8" campaign.

AJ Krutch said, "The message that sends to us is that we are not welcome-- that we are as a family a conflict of interest; and that is something that as parents we aren't able to keep our child in that environment."

Robin, seen in this Action News video the day before she married Kathy, her partner of 10 years ... Has been a very involved parent at St Helens even before her son began attending school there ... And promised the school she would not speak publicly about her ousting from the PTO.

Kathy Adams said, "It deeply hurt her Friday ... "

Kathy says she is disappointed that the school is using Robin's political views as a reason to take away her right to be involved in her child's education. Today the family decided to disenroll 5-year old Sebastian from St Helens.

Aaron Olson said, "It was our intention to have him go thru there til 8th grade so this is very upsetting to us because we have lost that opportunity to have faith brought into our child's life."

They explained the situation to Sebastian and this morning allowed him to say goodbye to his classmates.

Kathy Adams said, "His friends love him, his teachers love him and he is being moved to a school place that is better place for him and its a new journey ... "

AJ Krutch said, "There was a large group hug of all of his classmates saying goodbye and it was a very disappointing and emotional decision ... but one we felt we had no choice but to make."

We contacted St. Helen's and Fresno's Office of Catholic Education and were told that they could not comment on the matter for confidentiality reasons.


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