Obama Election Spurs Gun Sales

Fresno, CA, USA Vincent Bronzini, a gun owner from Madera put it this way: "According to what I'm hearing I guess Obama is cracking down on that sort of thing. Making it harder for guys like me you know just to come out and purchase a gun."

Bronizini isn't alone. Gun shop owner Bill Mayfield says a lot of folks are afraid they soon won't be able to get the guns they want.

He says,"Definately had a marked increase in people saying, I need to get it now because I'm afraid they're going to ban it, or make it harder to get."

Mayfield noticed the surge just after the election, and it's happening all over the country. The FBI has seen a 50 per cent increase in gun owner background checks in the first week after the election. Semi automatic weapons are the big sellers. Mayfield believes those who want guns have good reason to buy now.

"You have an Illinois, anti gun President coming out of the Daly machine, which is real Chicago, no guns allowed in Chicago. You have a vice President who's head of the liberal anti-gun establishment, and this just bodes ill for the gun owners." He said.

On the campaign trail Obama said, He wanted to protect lawful gun owners but find a way to get illegal guns out of the hands of teenaged gang bangers, and drug dealers who kill kids. As an Illinois State Legislator he voted for restrictions on gun ownership and increased taxes on firearms sales. But not all gun enthusiasts are worried about Obama and gun control.

George Bushard of Fresno says:" Not at all. I don't believe that Obama wants the issue right now." Bushard says with two wars and a crumbling economy Obama has more important things to worry about. But Mayfield says Obama's perceived threat to gun ownership is driving folks to buy.

"What we're seeing is a significant increase in sales."


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