Catholic School Forced PTO President to Resign

Fresno, CA, USA Robin McGehee says he was forced to resign as PTO president at Saint Helens Catholic School because she was a local organizer of the "No on Prop 8" campaign.

Her ouster was expected to be brought up during Wednesday's meeting. Church officials offered no explanation as to why that meeting got canceled.

McGehee pulled her son out of school and says church's actions have left her deeply hurt.

Robin McGehee said, "To know that my work is not appreciated, and the fact that who I love is being used against me ... it hurts."

The catholic school diocese of Fresno wouldn't comment on this matter and issued this statement quote "each school is required to keep confidential any non-directory information about any member of the school community." end quote.

Supporters of same-sex marriage here in California are boycotting businesses that oppose it.

Prop 8 opponents in southern California, are now boycotting businesses that gave money to the "Yes on 8" campaign ... Like this restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The owner of the restaurant says she was told to support Prop 8 by the Mormon Church But protestors say that isn't a good enough reason.

"She does have a choice. I know her faith is very powerful. She has a choice: She can go back to the Mormon Church and say something's not right here, and I didn't see her willing to make that choice."

"Any business that tries to take our rights away, we can't in good faith spend our money there."

The protestors are also boycotting a Los Angeles radio station ... Because one of the DJ's support of Prop 8.

These boycotts come after a theatre director in Sacramento resigned from his post. After same-sex activists called for a boycott of the theatre.

The theatre's director also donated money to the "Yes on 8" campaign.


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