Tulare County School Hit Hard By Fog

Tulare County , CA, USA Sometimes the fog can hit this area so bad that the school can have foggy day schedules every day. This K-8 school has less than 200 kids but most of them made it to class despite the fog.

Students at Buena Vista Elementary School in Tulare County were dropped off at school two hours later than usual on Thursday. At 10:00 a.m., distant fog was all that was left of the low clouds that sat over the rural area west of Tulare earlier this morning.

Principal Carole Menderos said, "It was pretty thick out here early this morning about 7ish is when we called foggy day schedule."

Principal Mederos said many of their fog spotters couldn't see more than 200 yards in front of them.

Mederos said, "It was pretty foggy this morning and so I called my bus driver and told him not to go and called a foggy day schedule."

Angelica Gomez said, "I couldn't see across the field so I thought it was pretty bad so I live out in the country and I can't see much."

After the fog cleared up, students continued on with class as usual. Officials say they extend the day a little later on foggy days so kids can get each subject in.

Mederos said, "We have kids that come outside the district and our advice to them is to bring them when they feel its safe and today it cleared up pretty quick so most people are here on time."

This was the first foggy day for Buena Vista this year, but with the school surrounded by farmland, administrators expect many more before the end of winter.

Gomez said, "I like it because then we don't have to go to school early so I think its kind of good sometimes."

School officials said usually they don't have foggy days so early in the school year. They said they usually get the most fog in December and January.


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