Woman Goes Into Labor on Fresno Bus

Fresno, CA, USA The ride on bus number 30 headed to downtown Fresno was one to remember. Monday morning a woman's pregnancy took a detour.

"This girl comes up and says my sister's water broke, and I was like oh man, so I pulled the bus over and called the ambulance for them," said Bus Driver Nicholas Christopherson.

FAX bus driver, Nicholas Christopherson reacted quickly, calling emergency crews to help the woman who was minutes away from having a baby on board.

Janet De La Cruz and her friend, Amber Chapman were riding the bus on their way to school when they got a lesson in quick thinking. Once the woman's water broke, the girls jumped in to help her. "She said she haven't had no contractions yet and she wanted them to hurry up and come before she does have contractions," said Amber Chapman.

The pregnant woman, who fellow bus riders describe as in her 20's, said her name was "Brenda" and that her due date for her second child, a boy, was this Friday.

An ambulance quickly came to get her to the hospital for an earlier delivery. The other passengers boarded another bus to continue their commute, no doubt with a story to tell family friends and co-workers.

Action News is checking local hospitals, but at this point, we don't know if the woman had the baby yet.


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