Holiday Deals Begin Early

Holiday Sales A new report shows shoppers will keep a closer eye on their money this year, opting to buy more practical presents.

Sale signs are enticing shoppers at every glance.

Economist Henry Nishimoto said, "They're being very aggressive this year."

The bargains and choices are plenty and at least one driving factor is expected to bring more people out this season to spend.

Nishimoto said, "Another thing that's having a tremendous affect is lower gas prices. It's freeing up a lot of money particularly here in the valley."

Even still, consumers are cautious, particular and according to the national retail federation forking out less on discretionary items.

Holiday shopper Steve Caudle said, "We're spending sparingly. Were looking for the best deals obviously to stretch our dollars where it's going to do the most good. But yeah, I think we're definitely taking advantage of the offers that are out there."

Gift cards are expected to be less popular this year, instead many are opting to give cash. The reluctance is because many businesses are going under.

Some economists say online shopping will remain big this year, with email blasts offering things like free shipping and more.

According to a holiday shopping study, 68 percent of consumers plan to do more shopping at mass discounters, like Wal-Mart and target. 61 percent say they are delaying shopping plans due to the current economic situation and 61 percent say they will probably agree to not exchange gifts with friends and family.

It's not even thanksgiving and Santa has taken his seat at fashion fair. Dogs like Scarlet and Fergie are lining up to get a snapshot with Santa earlier than usual.

Ken Pearson said, "Normally they do it in December. This is a great idea to do it in November it's not as busy so it worked out real well with us."


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