Trim Turkey Cooking Time

11/20/2008 Consumer Watch A fresh-roasted turkey is a crowd pleaser, but oh the three hours or more it can take to cook.

Turbochef says its Speedcook wall oven will cook a 12-pound turkey in just 42 minutes, thanks to convection and microwave features. It also promises "five-star results."

Bob Markovich, Consumer Reports, says "This is one expensive oven - it costs just under eight-thousand dollars. With that price and those lofty claims, we wanted to put it to the test."

Consumer Reports bought two turkeys, the closest it could come in weight to turbo chef's 12-pound claim. Testers then put one bird in Turbochef's speed-cook oven. The other was cooked in the Electrolux wave touch convection oven, which has a "perfect turkey setting" and promises up to 30 percent faster cooking times than conventional range ovens.

"The Electrolux is a smoothtop electric that ranks among the best range ovens we've tested. And at just two-thousand dollars it costs much less than the speedcook," says Markovich.

The Turbochef turkey was done in a blistering 53 minutes, compared with 98 for the Electrolux. That's 45 minutes less. Both turkeys came out brown and crispy. Which would please Consumer Reports' resident chef John Macchia? "The turkey from the Turbochef was moist and juicy, but so was the one from Electrolux," says Macchia.

So the Turbochef can serve up a delicious turkey in record time. But you can slice hours off cooking a turkey with a good - and much cheaper - convection-oven range.

If cooking turkey quickly is not your top priority, you can save more money yet on a non-convection oven. Consumer Reports recommends the Kenmore 9641 smoothtop electric, which costs 750-dollars. It did very well in both baking and broiling tests.


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