Fastest Growing Occupations

Fresno, CA, USA Some careers, like nursing, are regarded as recession-proof. But positions as veterinary technicians and substance abuse counselors are also in demand.

Even in tough times the job outlook in healthcare stays strong. The EDD says positions for home health aides and pharmacy technicians will increase by six-percent from 2007.

"With the baby boomers retiring and more and more people aging we're gonna require more people really willing to be personal assistants."

But Leshaya Patten still finds it difficult to find work in a field in which she has experience.

Patten said, "Right now I am looking for a medical position, any medical position, including front-office, back office."

Going into the New Year the EDD says jobs for data analysts and computer applications will see the biggest increase up 9-and-8-percent.

Pam Lassetter from Workforce Investment Board said, "It seems more and more companies are having baseline of network support so help desk jobs, computer IT support, computer programming, network security ... "

Lassetter says with the tight economy people can't afford to be too selective right now. Rafael Barragan has worked as a painter for 15 years,

Rafael Barragan said, "It's really hard to get a job right now. I thought it was going to be a little bit easier but it's not."

The foreclosure crisis has claimed both homes and jobs. Ebon Christian is switching gears after working the last six years in the mortgage industry.

Ebon Christian said, "I would like to stay in financing at this time as far as work but I am going back to school for criminal justice so that's a huge change."

Lassetter says the position of auto mechanic deserves a closer look. Computer technology has changed the job qualifications.

Lassetter said, "I mean, master mechanics in our valley get paid $70-100-thousand dollars at times. They're being recruited into some of the larger cities because there is a shortage of those people."

Lassetter says the important thing is to land that transitional job while you wait for your ideal job.


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