Parents Reaction to Edison Grade Changing

Fresno, CA, USA As Edison High prepares for the valley playoffs this week some parents wonder if their kids are getting a fair shake in the classroom.

Edison High head football Coach Tim McDonald did not wish to comment other than to say it has been tough on everyone.

But the mood among parents of students who attend Edison High was not a happy one. Some say the practice of changing grades to keep athletes eligible happens more often than people think on campuses across the country.

Julie Jamison said, "I know in my high school they favored the sports. I don't want to say all teachers do that but I want to say I'm not surprised. I'm really not."

Jamison says it is the kind of practice which sends the wrong message.

Jamison said, "I guess that you don't have to try hard if you just get in good with the teacher. That's not what I would want my child to learn. I want them to be able to push themselves and study hard and succeed."

But some parents say the trouble arises from teachers inputting information for too many students.

Kathleen Whiting said, "I know for my son's sake, especially since he's gotten into middle school that there have been mistakes made. He had a Physics class where he had a 100-percent average, got A's on all of his tests and all of sudden got an F on a final."

Whiting says it turned out her son's grade was inadvertently switched with another student whose last name also started with "W."

"You have teachers who are responsible for 250 students. That's a lot of kids to be responsible for. "

The player whose grade was investigated remains eligible to play. Edison has a first-round bye in the valley playoffs.


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