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Wendy Camerik does 95 percent of her shopping on her computer. She bought all her patio furniture online, including the cushions and the umbrella. And in her kitchen, "I got my paper towel holder online, both of my coffee makers, my TV I got online, my teapot."

People are buying more stuff than ever online, but you don't always get a great deal. One big reason, "shipping charges. They can be huge. That's the number one reason online shoppers abandon a purchase, according to Pay Pal," said Amanda Walker with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports said one way to avoid shipping shock, go to It lists loads of sites with free shipping and to keep you up to date on free-shipping offers, you can subscribe to "free shipping alerts."

Walker said, "We also checked out price-comparison sites. And we liked, because it includes shipping and taxes so you can compare the total cost." can really save you. Take this Samsung TV. Why pay $3,000, when you can get it for $2,100 including shipping.

Consumer Reports said another great money-saving web site is It keeps tabs on prices at local supermarkets so you can plan your shopping trips to take advantage of the sales.

What if you don't want to pay anything at all? Consumer reports recommends It scours the web for deals and comes up with all kinds of free stuff. Everything from free Colgate toothpaste to free inkjet refills.


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