The Cost of Giving Thanks

Fresno, CA, USA Shopping for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner isn't too hard. But paying for it may be. Most shoppers will tell you, prices are up.

"Absolutely. Maybe not the turkey, but everything else." Says Pat Block of Fresno.

The Farm Bureau figures prices for Thanksgiving dinner items are up about ten per cent from a year ago. The bureau says an average Thanksgiving family meal will cost about 45 dollars this year. Now, the last time I did a story on Thanksgiving shopping was back in 1991.

Back then the Farm Bureau figured the price of a Thanksgiving dinner for ten at just under 26 dollars. In 1991 the average turkey cost about 78 cents a pound. Today it's $1.20.

Of course, there are plenty of deals out there. One supermarket offered a free turkey for any grocery purchase over ninety nine dollars. But overall, turkeys are up 40 per cent, and everything from potatoes to pumpkin pie had gone up from 30 to 150 per cent in 17 years. The overall average shows prices between Thanksgiving of 1991, and 2008 were up more than 70 per cent.


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