Fresno PD Holiday Crime Crackdown

Fresno, CA, USA With Thanksgiving around the corner, a lot of people are staying close to home, and the same goes for those wanted by police. So far 25 people have been arrested. Many of them will spend the holiday in jail.

It was not even 8:00 p.m. Monday night and a helicopter was in the air after a man wanted for questioning ran from officers. He was caught, and taken in, as many others will be over the next few days.

Steve Crawford of the Fresno Police Department said, "Historically in the past during the holidays we didn't have the resources to go after a lot of people, but that's going to change this year, so for those people in Southeast Fresno there's gonna be a lot of officers looking for you."

A hot tip just a few blocks away led officers to a home on McKenzie. They didn't find who they came for, but their time was worth it. Officers recovered a sawed off rifle, ammunition and crack pipes.

"The individual that we initially came over for he was not here he was in fact staying here but when the officers came here they made contact with a resident owner here. The parolee that was here tried to run out the back door. He probably knew we were here for him but we had no idea to be honest," said Crawford.

Police say this man was a wanted parolee and this woman just got out of jail Friday, she's on probation and going back. She cried when she was hauled off.

Officers were looking for gang members and they caught up with several. Some were cut loose, and others taken in. All were checked out, including four who were driving a car that matched the description of one with several occupants seen brandishing a gun moments earlier.

Officers are looking for several wanted murder suspects as well. They will be making many traffic stops and searching homes in the next few days.


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