Plane makes an emergency landing on a golf course

Fresno, CA, USA Perez says when the plane dipped below the treetops and hit the ground, he feared the worst. "I thought it was going to be serious because when it hit, you know, I saw a lot of dust."

But the pilot, identified as Ted Nickel, managed to get out of the plane and appeared unhurt. He is 70 years old.

Fresno Fire Department Spokesman Ken Shockley said: "He had a short time to put the plane down in a safe landing area and from what we can see he did a pretty good job."

The FAA says the plane is a Piper Cherokee. A small single engine, single person plane. Early reports from the scene that it was a home built experimental plane were incorrect.

The plane was kept at Sierra Skypark. A unique residential neighborhood of about 100 homes, where garages hold planes that can taxi down the street to the runway.

The runway comes very close to Herndon Avenue, and last month a plane hit a passing truck while trying to land. Nobody was hurt.

The pilot involved in the latest crash appeared uninjured but he was later taken to the hospital. No official word on his condition but a friend said he was "doing okay."


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