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Do you plan to donate ... more ... less ... or the same amount ... to charity this year as you have in the past?

14% More
39% Less
44% Same
3% Not Sure

Will you travel more than 100 miles from home this Christmas?

19% Yes
78% No
2% Not Sure

Is the price of gasoline a major factor, minor factor, or not a factor at all in your travel plans?

34% Major Factor
26% Minor Factor
39% Not a Factor

Have you already started your holiday shopping? Will you start your holiday shopping after Thanksgiving? In early December? Or just before the holidays?

20% Will Not Do Any
29% Have Already Started
28% After Thanksgiving
15% Early December
7% Just Before
1% Not Sure

Compared to last year, will you spend more on holiday gifts this year? Less? Or about the same amount?

8% More
65% Less
26% About The Same
1% Not Sure

This year, will you spend a little less? Or a lot less?

36% A Little Less
62% A Lot Less
2% Not Sure

On average, how much do you plan to spend this year on holiday gifts?

25% $250
45% $250-$500
27% $500
3% Not Sure

How much of your holiday shopping will you do online this year? Almost all of it? Some of it? Or almost none of it?

9% Almost All Of It
34% Some Of It
55% Almost None Of It
2% Not Sure

This holiday season, will you mostly buy specific gifts for the people on your list? Or will you mostly give gift cards?

76% Specific Gifts
17% Gift Cards
7% Not Sure

When you buy holiday gifts, will you pay cash for them? Will you use a debit card? Will you use a credit card, but pay off the full balance at the end of the month? Or will you use a credit card and carry a balance?

30% Cash
30% Debit Card
29% Credit Card/pay Full Balance
10% Credit Card/carry a Balance
1% Not Sure


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