Holiday Travel Plans

Fresno, CA, USA This Thanksgiving people really do have cheaper travel options. Gas and airline ticket prices are dropping. You would think that equals more travelers, but experts predict more people staying at home.

Judy Bowen said, "The train! Because Amtrak does a really good job." Judy and her husband Brook are like more and more Californians choosing the rails over the roads and skies. Amtrak added more trains leaving Fresno because of an increase in travelers during the Thanksgiving holiday. An exclusive Action News poll conducted by SurveyUSA asked California adults: are gas prices affecting your travel plans: 34-percent say gas prices are a major factor. 39-percent say gas prices are not a factor. Judy and Brook said the price at the pump and safety still impact how they travel.

Brook Bowen said, "The train was a little easier all the way around. A little less expensive than the flying."

Judy said, "We knew with the weather report it was going to rain. We knew this would be safest mode of travel"

AAA expects fewer people on the roads. Airlines are also predicting a 25 % drop in passengers. Zachary Taylor said with an uncertain economy going anywhere is becoming a major expense. Taylor said, "It's making it so I don't travel nearly as much, and I car pool to work when I'm going to work, so it is making a difference."

With gas prices under two dollars a gallon, driving somewhere in California in fact can be less expensive. But Victoria Elliot is set in her ways and chooses greyhound. Elliott said, "'Cause the bus is cheaper. Even though it's the holidays, it is still the cheapest way to go."

If you are planning to take a last minute train, Amtrak reports many trains are full. If you choose an airplane, even with fewer people flying the planes will be full, because the airline industry reduced the number of flights.


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