Donations May Decrease Over Holidays

Fresno, CA, USA But Valley residents may poses one thing in unlimited supply that will help out.

Thanksgiving is a time for many to reach out to the less fortunate.

"I'll be honest with you. Everybody talks about the hungry. Christmas and Thanksgiving. Excuse me they're hungry 365 days a year," said volunteer Penny Macdonald.

Macdonald decided to serve turkey, greens and pie at Visalia's Rescue Mission.

Over 100 needy families relied on this service in the South valley to help create that perfect Thanksgiving meal.

"If I didn't have this opportunity it would be very hard on my budget to feed my whole family," said Victor McCoy.

Most of the food the McCoy family has on their table and in their bellies is donated. Without that "the Rescue Mission's" Danny Little would have trouble hosting this popular event for families in Tulare and kings counties.

"We served 12,000 last year. And I'd say we were prepared for that and we could serve that and many more today," said Little.

A dwindling economy has changed many people's donation habits this holiday season. According to an exclusive Action News poll conducted by SurveyUSA 39% of the people polled said they planned on donating less this year than last, 44% said they planned on donating the same amount, 14% said they planned on donating more.

What many people are donating the most is their time.

Gabriel Manwaring said: "I've always wanted to help somebody. And I thought there would be a lot of people but not this much!"

Gabriel's father said: "And people not being able to afford food on their table so giving of our time is what really counts to us."

And when the Poverello house in Fresno relies on people and their time to run a busy kitchen every body counts.

"Just wanted to do something good and have a more meaningful thanksgiving. People's hearts are touched a little more…they know people with less have it even harder," said Michele Whisenhunt.


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