Turkey Bowl for Cancer

Fresno, CA, USA The wife, mother of two and former teacher, is battling an aggressive cancer that started in her cervix, but has spread to her lungs and into her brain.

Shawna is still thankful for each day she spends with her loved ones. "I just try to make the best of every day...which is what all of us should be doing anyways."

Shawna lives for every moment she can enjoy with her husband, Dan and their boys, 5-year-old Preston and 3-year-old Logan. Their lives have been like a puzzle, and the missing piece is the treatment that would finally keep Shawna's cancer under control.

She was diagnosed two years ago after suffering a miscarriage of her third child. Until then, her cancer went undetected and is so aggressive it has become chemotherapy resistant. She is brutally honest about the disease that has shown her no mercy.

"I'm the person that they say you have a 1% chance, 3% chance of this happening. That's been me in this whole story. The only hope is a drug that is considered experimental by her insurance provider...so it is not covered. It costs 16-thousand dollars, out of pocket...for a two month supply," Shawna said.

That's why her family and friends have held fundraisers like this morning's turkey bowl, to keep her alive. As she undergoes treatment Shawna keeps busy, making a scrapbook of memories for her boys, celebrating the times in their lives that have given their family.

Shawna Kilbert is undergoing another round of radiation...now that the cancer has spread to her brain. She says she needs a miracle to save her from the disease.


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