Voting a sin?

Modesto, CA, USA Father Joseph Illo isn't afraid to preach about politics. He recently sent a letter to parishioners about their part in the outcome of the November election.

Father Joseph said if you are catholic and voted for Barack Obama, knowing his stance on abortion, you may have sinned. Father Joseph says he has no problem mixing church and state when human life is involved. Most parishioners stand in support of Illo.

"I think it's great that the attention's been brought to the forefront. I completely support Father Joseph and his positions. He's clearly expressed that the most important thing is life," said Parishioner Richard Murray.

"If they knew that Obama was pro-abortion and they were comfortable with that and voted for him despite that, it might be fair to say they need confession," said Parishioner Camille Iorns.

Father Joseph said he's not condemning Barack Obama, but that it's his duty to guide his parishioners in the right moral and political direction.


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