Car Chase Ends In Gunfire

Fresno, CA, USA The chase started at Golden State and Jensen as Fresno Police responded to a call of shots fired, and saw a vehicle speeding away. They gave chase, and the vehicle eventually crashed in Fresno county, at Church and Prospect, about five miles away.

Witnesses describe what happened there as something straight out of Hollywood.

Action News obtained exclusive video captured just minutes after a Fresno Police chase ended in gunfire. David Sanchez said he grabbed a video camera and ran outside after hearing cars speed past his father's house. "I heard some cars come past my house. First I heard the sirens, errr, then the cars went shoop…shoop… shoop.. And then I heard a boom!"

17-year-old John Camacho also lives nearby and saw a red car as it was chased by several police vehicles. "It went airborne, it was something you see in a movie. It was crazy."

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies said police officers fired at a suspect after he ignored commands to surrender and instead took off running after the crash. Deputies said officers thought the man may be armed, because he reached into his waistband area.

But in the heat of the moment, witnesses saw it a little differently. "I know I heard shooting as soon the cars stopped moving, I heard shooting right away," said Sanchez, "shooting like that, I don't think it's necessary."

Deputies said no one was shot, but the two people in the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries from the crash. They were then placed into custody.

Police Officers said they saw objects being thrown from the suspect's vehicle during the chase. They are asking anyone who sees weapons or other suspicious items in the area to contact investigators.

The investigation into Sunday's incident is being handled by three different agencies; Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the officer involved shooting, Fresno Police are looking into the original call of gunshots, and the CHP is investigating the accident.


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