Fog Delays Flights at FYI

Fresno, CA, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Due to patchy fog around the airport, flight delays will be announced at the last minute. For the best information on flight delays, call your airline carrier.
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Several flights were canceled or delayed on Monday, leaving passengers with no choice but to sit and wait.

Monday's flight schedule at FYI airport had a turbulent start. Some flights were canceled, others delayed. The fog so dense in Fresno you could barely see the silhouettes of anxious passengers who were hoping their flight wasn't affected.

"I'm tired, I wanna go home, get out of here," said Susanna Ramirez.

Some people we talked to were frustrated about waiting in the seemingly endless ticket lines -- only to get to the counter and be told they weren't going anywhere.

Airport representatives said when there are weather problems, don't call the airport or rely on these boards. Sometimes airline employees get so busy re-booking passengers they don't have time to update their flight information.

Airport officials said you're best bet is to call your airline directly or check the airline's website for real time information about your flight's status.

Michelle Polfer understands when it comes to flying she's at the mercy of the weather. "Right, and the airline people. Which is worse? I don't know. The weather I guess. They seem to be still pretty nice here."


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