Scott Kinney Arrested Again

Fresno, CA, USA Scott Kinney spent part of the weekend in jail. He was brought in Saturday morning. Police say they have no motive for the violent attack.

"It was completely random. I woke up to this. It was crazy." Ben Jones still has the bump on his head from the hammer. According to police reports, Jones was sleeping on a friend's couch when he was struck on the upper left side of his forehead.

Jeff Cardinale of the Fresno Police Department said, "When the victim woke up at 8:00 in the morning he discovered Scott Kinney standing over him with a hammer and he said what's my name and don't say Deacon. Before the victim could even respond the suspect struck him one time on the forehead with the hammer and walked out."

Jones says he and Kinney had just met Friday night. They played ping pong and drank at a nearby bar with a mutual friend. Reports say they both ended up going to that friends home around the block where they slept off what they had drank.

Jones says the next thing he remembered was a rude awakening.

Jones said, "I sat up and he's standing in front of me and I'm like dude, what the hell, why did you hit me in the head with the hammer. What the hell did I do and he's like you know what you did. And I said dude whatever I did I'm sorry ... don't hit me again and he took off."

Police found Kinney in a nearby parking lot, with the hammer in a belt on his waist. He was arrested. It's not his first offense. In August, he was arrested after police say he head butted a woman, slapped her and then threatened her. That case is awaiting trial.

Scott Kinney is a defense attorney but is currently unemployed. He has previously said during an interview he is bipolar. His father, a well known defense attorney died earlier this year.


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