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Fresno, CA, USA Over the last few days, Fresno State fans have been eagerly waiting to find out if Coach Pat Hill will become the new football coach at the University Of Washington, and most think he should take the job if offered.

The poll seems to show pat hill is a popular fellow in Fresno. Most surveyed said he's done a good job.

Our exclusive Action News poll conducted by SurveyUSA asked 500 valley adults how they would rate the coaches performance.

35% said excellent.

35% good.

21% fair

4% poor.

6% weren't sure.

The university athletic department is pleased with the poll results.

Associate Athletic Director Paul Ladwig said, "I think it's tremendous. I mean Pat has been here for 12 years. We've done tremendous things with the football program since he's been here."

The coach's future at Fresno State is in question. He's one of the front runners for the head coaching job at the University of Washington. One survey question asked if Fresno State should offer Hill more incentives to keep him here.

"Definitely, Definitely should pay him more money," said Robert Slayton of Fresno.

"I don't know about that. You could probably find another coach that could do just as good a job," said Tim Wisseman.

Pat Hill is the highest paid coach in the WAC. His $1.2 million dollar-a-year salary is $400,000 higher than what league leading Boise State's coach makes.

The poll shows 38 percent of those surveyed thought the school should offer Hill more incentives to stay. 54 percent thought they school should not.

"If his heart's not with Fresno, then he's not gonna put out like he's been," said Eric Fuchs of Fresno.

The University's position is that Hill has the right to check out other opportunities.

"Everything that he has done here has given him the right to interview someplace else. And then it's up to that institution and Pat to make the decision if it's the right thing to do," said Ladwig.

Hill has put Fresno State Football in the national spotlight; he's 92 and 60 in 12 seasons in Fresno. Under Hill, the Bulldogs have only won a share of the WAC title once, but have gone to 8 bowl games.


Results of SurveyUSA Poll

In general, how would you rate the job Pat Hill has done as Freso State Football Coach over the past 12 years? Excellent? Good? Fair? Or poor?

35% Excellent
35% Good
21% Fair
4% Poor
6% Not Sure

Would the departure of Coach Hill be a good thing for Bulldogs? A bad thing? Or would it have no effect?

24% Good Thing
40% Bad Thing
26% No Effect
9% Not Sure

If Coach Hill thought about leaving, should Fresno State offer him incentives to stay?

38% Yes
54% No
8% Not Sure

If Coach Hill is offered the job of head coach at the University of Washington, should he accept it?

59% Yes
28% No
13% Not Sure


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