Ephraim Aguirre plead not guilty to possessing child pornography

Fresno, CA, USA In a court affidavit, investigators said the former teacher molested a 17-year-old student. Then investigators searched his computer and discovered Aguirre going to chat rooms and having shocking conversations. Investigators said one of those chats included the following paragraph: " ... Occasionally I see a young girl walking, usually Black or Asian and there's been a few times where I've been tempted to drive up and snatch the kid ... I mean, just grab some poor wandering kid at nite, ... " Aguirre's Defense Attorney Woodrow Nichols called those comments fantasy. Nichols said, "None of it was true, and that he doesn't really have these beliefs and intentions to do these things to people."

Investigators accused the 28 year old of possessing two thousand graphic images of children: some as young as two years old.

Clovis Sergeant Matt McFadden said, "The reason you see mass amount of images is you basically have a true pedophile" McFadden works on internet crimes. He can't comment on specific cases, but says almost all of their child porn crimes are directly connected to the internet. McFadden said, "They feel that I'm behind my computer, my doors lock. My wife ain't' home, my kids ain't home, my brother ain't home. I'm in my room. No one is going to know."

"Mr. A" is what students call Aguirre on his Myspace page. On it, he invited former students to leave comments and keep in touch.

A federal magistrate said Aguirre posed a major threat to public safety if he was released. For that reason, Aguirre remains in jail.


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