Pelco Layoffs

Fresno, CA, USA Several employees at the Valley's billion dollar security camera manufacturing company Pelco were shocked Wednesday after hearing some of their co-workers were let go. They asked not to be identified, fearing they could lose their jobs too.

"In the case of today, radically it's creating a new feeling, a very uncomfortable feeling amongst the employees that have been with the company for a long time," said one employee.

"We don't know you know. Things can happen so you just got to be prepared," said one employee.

In a news release about the layoffs management said "[Pelco] needs to take aggressive cost-saving steps in order to deal with the current economic recession ... to protect factory jobs and customer services."

And in addition to the layoffs, the company announced the end of some perks. Action News obtained an internal memo that spells out what's being cut. The company is implementing a salary freeze throughout 2009. And is selling a corporate jet used to bring top customers to the Valley. Management is also doing away with personalized "Pelco" license plates, and will no longer offer Pelco points a service that allows employees to redeem points for vacation days, air travel and even cash.

Viewers may recall in February of 2007 employees pitched in their "points" to make sure co-worker Kristine McClure could be by her fiancé's side at Walter Reed Medical after having his legs blown off by an I.E.D. In an interview two weeks ago, Pelco C.E.O. Dean Meyer told Action News his company remained committed to Clovis and that any cuts made would be similar to cuts others are making in this tough economy.

Still one employee said Pelco misled them to think all their jobs were safe. "It's pretty sad because we all need a job and especially with this season right now that people need to work for their kids and homes."

Those laid off worked at the Blue-Pride cafe, facilities department, gift gallery and PelcoAir. One worried employee said he fears more layoffs. But Pelco's C.E.O. said he doesn't expect any deep cuts in the foreseeable future.


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