Flat Feet Fix

Fresno, CA, USA Brian horn is shooting in the 70's, and it feels good from his feet all the way up to his neck. "If you take a red hot ice pick and stick it in your knee. Every step. Every step. Pain in the feet, toes, hips, low back, neck. Everything was just not working for me."

Chalk it up to flat feet. With no arch, Brian's weight fell on the "inside" of his foot throwing off his

Doctor Ivar Roth rebuilt Brian's arch with this titanium stent. Through an incision in the ankle, the stent is placed inside the foot. It forms an arch by holding the bones in place and keeping the space open. "It's instantaneous. So, as soon as the implant is put in, the first step down, they notice that their knee pain has gone away because it corrects the position."

Brian's weight shifted from the inside of his foot to straight down relieving knee and back pain.

Foot and ankle specialist Dr. Kenneth Jung said this surgery is one option he'd consider. But only if conservative options like bracing, orthotics, medication or physical therapy, fail. "The long-term studies are not yet available," said Dr. Jung.

The implant can be removed if it causes pain. Nearly two years post-surgery, brain has no regrets. "I don't feel it. I don't know it's there. What I do know, knee pain, hip pain, low back, neck; everything's starting to calm down," said Brian Horn.

The surgery takes about 15 minutes per foot. The patient is sent home with a brace or removable cast for three to four weeks.


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