Fresno Dog Fighting Investigation

Fresno, CA, USA The dogs were taken away bloody after a brawl between two female Pit Bulls got so heated officers had to use force to separate them.

Paul Armstrong from the SPCA said, "I know they were hit several times with less lethal. The dogs were really into it. From what I understand one dog had a clear advantage over the other dog. They were really in a good fight."

The dog's owners tell Action News a fight over food sparked the brawl that quickly became too intense to break up. They insist the dogs were not intentionally provoked. They do not know why police requested the dogs be taken.

Antoine Caradine said, "They just took the other two and said we were shooting them up injecting them to make them fight. When my little brothers I guess told them already he threw some chicken down. They started fighting."

The dog owners say it's possible police may have collected clues they think could be linked to their dogs and drugs. But they have an explanation.

"They took probably some syringes, some needles that they assumed something was being used in but it's penicillin and antibiotics."

SPCA officials are giving the dogs blood tests and a veterinarian will examine them.

The owners tried to retrieve their dogs Thursday but instead were handed this notice saying the dogs are basically in custody until the investigation is over.

Police say four to five witnesses including people at the house said the dogs were not injected with any drugs. Once police confirm there's no criminal activity taking place, the dogs will be released.


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