Foreclosure scam suspect Sam Haley speaks to Action News

Fresno, CA, USA Investigators say 66-year-old Samuel Haley was at the forefront of an elaborate real estate scheme of renting out homes he didn't own.

"The allegations against you are that you broke into foreclosed homes and rented them out."

"I never broke into anyone's home, no homes, none," said Sam Haley.

Hailey says all deals were negotiated with the owner's permission. And that the people he was renting to, were all in dire need of help.

"They're begging for a place to live. They've got kids pregnant wives it's hard for me to say to anybody like that."

Amanda Jinapuck is one of those people. "I paid him $900.00 on that date, the first of June."

She says Haley's company, Capital Investments Incorporated, helped her and her family find this three bedroom home.

"We thought this was a home. It's been rough. My husband and I are highs school sweethearts. We've been together for 15 years and thought, yeah, we finally have a home," said Amanda Jinapuck.

As of Monday morning, Amanda no longer has a place to live. "What am I gonna do with all this stuff?"

She's been evicted from a house the mortgage company says never should have been rented out.

"Very hard, because we have all the kids and we really don't have much help."

Investigators say there are several stories like hers. Though Haley maintains his innocence, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer stands by his accusations.

"Mr Haley is simply trying to deceive the community and make it sound like what he was doing was a good Samaritan thing ... the reality is, he was deceiving people in need," said Chief Dyer.


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