Holiday toys that don't cost a bundle

December 7, 2008 Bring everyone together
Wits & Wagers is "THE" perfect game for your family gatherings and holiday parties. Up to 20 people can join in the laughter and cheering! Wits & Wagers is the first trivia game anyone can win - even kids - without knowing any trivia. Learn in 2 minutes. Play in 25 minutes. Wits & Wagers has won 20 awards, more than any other party game in history. Ages: 7+. Price: $29.99. Available at Target and Borders.

Creativity all starts with the workspace
Children need a place to be creative. And the Clipo Creativity Table by Playskool is a great place to start. It's compatible with all Clipo creativity sets and features textured surfaces for anchoring creations, moving platforms, a shape sorter and a drop slot for storage. The table has three circular, motorized surfaces to send creations round, and round. Children can choose to sit or kneel at the table. It comes with 25 assorted pieces and requires two AA batteries not included. Ages 18 months and up. Price: $29.99

Let girls imagine with
Clickables™ Fairy Collections from Techno Source allow girls to take their favorite things to do in virtual worlds offline - socializing, gaming, and collecting. The magical jewelry and toys powered by Clickables technology interact with new Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world. By touching together the toys' Y-shaped, Clickables sensors a girl can connect her offline play, real world friends and the Pixie Hollow virtual world for continuous play. The toys allow girls to make online fairy friendships, and add clothing, accessories and home décor to their Fairies' online world by "clicking" with their real-world friends offline. They can even earn Tink Points with an electronic handheld game offline to redeem special butterfly friends that fly with their Fairies in Pixie Hollow. Ages 7 and up. Price: $5.99-$29.99

Many different fashion dolls in one
Polly Pocket is always on girls' "must-have" lists and this holiday moms are going to love the great value of the newest Polly Pocket Pop 'N Swap fashion dolls! Pop 'N Swap is like a new toy every time girls play because they can mix-and-match heads, torsos and bottoms to create thousands of different fashion looks. It's also great for little girls' hands that may have a hard time changing clothes when they play with dolls. The fashion sets are available in sports and dance themes, which are favorite subjects with girls. Ages 4 and up. Price: $19.99

Spas are not just for adults anymore
The Spa Factory™ playset from JAKKS Pacific brings the spa experience home and let's young girls mix and blend their own signature scents, lip glosses, masks, facials and more. Spa Fantasy has a real working aromatherapy fountain to mix the perfect blend of scents, and includes all the ingredients girls need for their own spa experience at home: essential oils, bath fizzy powder, perfume and lip gloss bases, calming clay mask, recipe cards and mixing tools. Ages 8 and up. Price: $29.99

Fun educational games
Leapfrog has a whole set of toys specifically designed to teach preschoolers as they play. These three games focus on phonics, sequencing and concentration. For instance, with the Letter Crazy! Phonics Game kids need to listen closely to the fast-talking game buttons, if they hear a word or sound that matches the target letter displayed in the center, they have to slam the right button quickly to earn points. All the games can be played with one or two players and involve with 3 different levels of difficulty. Ages 3 to 6. Price: $21.99-$27.49.

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