Valley Reaction to Auto Bailout

Fresno, CA, USA Bob Avery of Fresno said:"Let 'em fail." Avery says the only way he'd approve of a bailout is if those who make the cars take a pay cut. "I think the auto workers making 74 dollars an hour is outrageous." He says.

The 74 dollar an hour figure is often used, but it's misleading because it includes the costs of pension and medical benefits being paid to those who have already retired. The average union auto worker makes 28 dollars an hour.

Our exclusive poll conducted by Survey USA shows more than 80 per cent of those asked think the failure of the big three would have a minor, or no impact at all on their lives.

While there are no auto workers around here, Future Ford General Manager James Cagle says car dealerships have a major force in the local economy. "The ripple effect, or the Tsunami effect whatever you call it would be gigantic. If they go out of business, we go out of business. We have a hundred employees here. How many employees do all the dealers in Fresno Clovis have? Thousands. All those people would be out of a job."

And while a majority may not favor the bailout plan, some do think it's needed. Debra Bernal of Fresno put it this way."If we want our economy to stabilize we need to have people keep their jobs and have a sense of security in the American system."

At this point it looks like a partial bailout or loan program is going to be approved by congress, despite what the public thinks.


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