"Day without a Gay" Protest

Fresno, CA, USA "Day without a gay" started out as a simple plan that has grown nationwide, thanks to MySpace and Facebook. It comes one month after California voters approved Proposition 8, banning same sex marriage. Now the gay community is fighting back demanding equal rights. Which is why they're boycotting both work and the economy.

Jay Matthew is busy calling a list of Proposition 8 opponents reminding them that Wednesday is "Day without a gay."

"We hope to see you tomorrow. If you can't call in sick tomorrow, there's stuff going on until 10:00 at night."

Matthew and fellow gay rights activist Jason Scott are two Fresno organizers involved in a nationwide campaign encouraging people to call in gay to work. Their goal is to send a strong message to people who don't support their cause.

"People will see that we're a large part of the community and not being around is actually going to affect them," said Jason Scott.

"Day without a gay" organizers say the event was inspired by "a day without immigrants"..a 2006 nationwide protest against immigration laws.

Instead of going to work, people are being asked to volunteer and boycott the economy by not spending money.

In Fresno, there are a number of planned events throughout the day, including a bag lunch drop off at a homeless encampment in Downtown Fresno and a trash cleanup at Christmas Tree Lane.

Pastor Tim Brown says he doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle, but he does support Wednesday's volunteer efforts.

"We validate them as individuals. They're very valuable. so, I'm sure they'll be missed in the workplace, but I'm sure it will be welcome to our community anytime they wanna show love, anytime anyone shows love, it's a better place," said Pastor Tim Brown.

In Fresno alone, more than 100 people have already signed up to volunteer for day without a gay events.

Not all gay rights activist agree with this boycott. Some say taking off work is too risky in this tough economy.


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