Complete Coverage of HWY 99 Fog Accident

Fresno, CA, USA Caltrans was out along Highway 99 all day, driving with electronic signs telling people to slow down in the fog and investigating the different areas where the fog accident happened. Officials are just happy that no one was seriously injured.

Tulare County Firefighters and Highway Patrol Officers could barely be seen through the thick fog that's to blame for a series of accidents on Highway 99.

Officer Scott Harris said, "People started slowing down because of the fog and at some point one vehicle collided with the other and then it kind of cascaded from there."

The CHP still doesn't know which driver triggered the series of crashes. In total, officers say there were more than four separate accidents, involving 56 cars and four big rigs.

Melissa Wilcox said, "You couldn't see what was happening it was really foggy it was pretty dense all you saw was a bunch of smoke and brake lights and just you hit the car in front of you I hit the car in front of me pretty hard and … it was pretty scary.

Drivers say they could hear cars screeching to a halt and slamming into one another. Traffic was diverted for nearly two hours after parts of Highway 99 were closed.

Tekla Vieira said, "It just happened really fast and it was really scary but it was kind of cool because all of us got out and just checked on everybody we all got out and said is everybody ok are we alright ok now what."

Some of the smashed up cars ended up here at the A-1 Towing Lot in Visalia. The glass from this pickup truck smashed into pieces when the accident threw the driver against the windshield.

The CHP is still investigating the accident.


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