Clovis Shopping Incentives

Clovis, CA, USA In order to get a raffle ticket, and a chance to win a flat panel TV and other stuff shoppers had to buy something. One ticket for every ten dollars. The goal was to get people spending, and the contest was enough to put Doni Truax in a spending mood. "We would not have been out shopping today if not for this contest." She said.

Judging from the size of the crowd Wednesday night, It's a gimmick that worked. Another effort to lure shoppers takes place this weekend at Toys R Us.

This weekend they're going to be open for 65 hours straight. Shopper Marisela Ruelos of Fresno says she'll be there. "Yeah, definitely. My husband doesn't get off work until ten, so I'll probably drag him after he gets off work. Definitely."

The Toys R Us event and the shopping contest in Clovis are examples of how retailers are taking extra steps to bring in the shoppers.

Doni Truax felt her extra shopping paid off. She won a home theatre system.

The big winner in Clovis was Ed Torrez. He won a TV, and a DVD player. But they won't go under his tree, he says he'll donate them to the SPCA.

The goal in Clovis to get a million dollars pumped into the local economy. Organizers say it more than worked. Toys R Us will be open continuously from 7AM Friday until midnight Sunday.


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