Sacramento Boy & His Dog Reunited in Fresno

Fresno, CA, USA Six-year-old Davey Dye has been waiting nearly two years to be reunited with his beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Rusty.

Rusty was stolen from his backyard in Sacramento back in 2006. Since then, Davey's family says he has been praying every night for Rusty's safe return. And the answer to that prayer came from a total stranger.

Davey's Uncle Kevin Rivers said, "He got the phone call of a life time a few days ago that none of us thought we'd ever get, so it kinda blew our mind when we got on the phone."

On the other end of line was Gayland Hilton who found Rusty wandering around in his Northeast Fresno neighborhood.

Gayland Hilton said, "Well, I just came home from work and he was out in the front yard running around and I though I better get him off the street in case he got hit by a car or something."

After walking Rusty through this neighborhood and finding no owner in sight, he was taken to the vet where they discovered a microchip under his skin.

Kristi Hilton said, "And they chipped him and told us he was stolen and then we found the owner."

No one knows where Rusty's been these last couple of years. But he's in good health.

If dogs could talk, he'd have quite a story to tell. A story with a happy ending.


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