A Partial Victory for former District Attorney Investigator

Fresno, CA, USA With a yes answer, a jury of 9 women and 3 men partially sided with Tucker. Jurors decided the former DA investigator faced retaliation after she complained of gender discrimination at Fresno County's District Attorneys office. Tucker said after the verdict, "Listening to how the jury voted, I feel that they heard my story and the fact that I was retaliated against ... They heard my story."

Tucker worked on high profile murder cases like Marcus Wesson. Jurors heard a lot about her background. But they found no gender discrimination even though - Former DA Ed Hunt and the current DA Elizabeth Egan failed to promote tucker. The jury foreperson Kellie Dyer hopes the verdict sends a clear message, "It was a tough decision that we had to make, and I think we made the right decision ... Hopefully in the future, they will level the playing field for women in law enforcement."

Jurors awarded Tucker $350,000 in damages. Egan said her office always promoted based on merit, "I'm disappointed in the second part of the verdict, because I absolutely disagree there was any retaliation. Mrs. Tucker remained in her position, a high profile position in the homicide team."

Egan's attorney is expected to appeal. In the mean time, Tucker is celebrating and plans to continue teaching at Fresno State University.


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