Fresno Gang Crackdown Gets Big Results

Fresno, CA, USA Friday night police recovered half a dozen guns, most not registered to the people who were carrying them; and police worry that a recent rise in gun sales is leading to more weapons ending up in the wrong hands.

A Fresno Police officer describes one meth lab bust: "The guy dives through the window, we go through the back he dumps a handgun as we go through and clear the room he's got a huge meth cook, I'm talking like 5 pounds. He was right in the middle of cooking meth when you interrupted."

A parole search ended inside this Central Fresno apartment with more than police expected. Police found a gun, two rifles including a loaded semiautomatic, a scope, a small meth lab, and a block of meth ready for use.

The suspect, Jesus Flores was arrested and taken to jail.

In the past week a crackdown on gangs and guns in Fresno has been a big success. Officers have taken 18 guns off the streets.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said there's a greater potential for shootings now because of the large number of guns being purchased in recent months. Local gun dealers report a surge in sales largely due to gun lovers concerned that the new Obama administration will tighten gun laws.

"Unfortunately what that means is people going out and buying firearms to protect their property and those firearms are at home, someone burglarizes that home and seizes or steal that firearm, we now have more firearms on the street," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

A .22 revolver was another gun recovered in Southwest Fresno. Police said 18-year old Felix Munoz escaped police Monday night but he couldn't get away Tuesday.

Police said it's not unusual to find a young adult armed with a loaded weapon. That's why each person contacted was also searched for guns.

Since the operation started there have only been 3 shootings within a week. Police said it is unusual to recover so many weapons in just one night.


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