Governor In Fresno Displays Disappointment with December Budget Idea

Fresno, CA, USA Governor Schwarzenegger surrounded himself with students at a high achieving charter school who were counting on state funds to get a new campus built. But because of the recent stale-mate these students will have to stay put in portable classrooms.

If governor Schwarzenegger could play Santa to students at University High he would probably get construction going now on a state-of-the-art building located on the Fresno State campus.

"Hoped to break ground by February 1st on the school long promised to our students but now it appears that won't happen," said Superintendent James Bushman.

The funds Bushman was relying on for this project were put on hold when state legislators could not agree on a budget. To express his distaste over the budget plan approved by democrats, the governor decided to call for another fiscal emergency session between state legislators.

"And let me tell you something. It's $22,000 a minute. It is $1.3 million an hour. It is $40 million dollars a day and it is a Billion dollars every month when they create this kind of inaction when they don't do anything," said the governor.

Fresno city council member and democrat Cynthia Sterling admitted she was excited to hear the legislature had reached a budget deal, but says after talking with the governor Friday she understands why he's planning to reject it.

"There are a lot of concerns and questions but the point is at least they're working at it and the idea is we can't be democrats working for California we have to be democrats and republicans working for the whole state," said Sterling.

While legislators could be forced to work it out before the holidays are over 17-year old senior Omeid Heidari said he hopes to see his dream school come to life before he graduates next year.

"It's just like fancy trailers I guess. But like if we had nice facilities and a nice place to study I think that would really help our students out a lot," said Heidari.

University High was ranked 45th in the nation for best public education by U.S. News and World Report. Funding for 2,000 other projects across California have been halted as well.


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