Obama to Release Info on Blagojevich

Chicago, IL, USA Sources tell ABC News that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did have contact with president-elect Obama's Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel about the state's vacant senate seat but that there was allegedly no wrong-doing on Emanuel's part.

Rick Klein of ABC News' Political Unit said, "President-elect Obama has said he wants to get as much info out as he can, but this is an ongoing investigation so he has to defer to the US Attorney's Office a little bit. They have said they wanted it delayed at least a week."

That means the report on Obama's staff contacts with Blagojevich aides could come Tuesday at the earliest. The scandal is one of the few clouds that hang over the President-Elect's head as he and his family vacation in Hawaii for the holidays.

A state legislative committee wants to begin impeachment proceedings against the embattled governor. Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn said this morning that he does have a transition team in place if need be.

As serious as the situation is, some Chicagoans are trying to get others to lighten up. A Chicago radio promotion called: "pay to play... Throw a shoe at Blagojevich", took place this morning on the city's Michigan Avenue. Participants had to make a donation to charity first.

According to the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, a key figure in the governor's alleged scheme to sell the senate seat has sought immunity from federal authorities in return for his cooperation.


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