Eggnog Around the World

February 2, 2009 11:33:54 AM PST
In addition to the traditional eggnog we enjoy around the U.S. at holiday time, eggnog variations are also served around the world, including these:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Germany: A favorite drink that was originally consumed in ale houses is called Biersuppe, or "beer soup," which is an egg-based ale.

France: Lait de poule, meaning "milk of the chicken," is a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar and spirits, such as sherry, rum or brandy.

Puerto Rico: Not surprisingly, rum is the liquor of choice in this version of eggnog that is made with fresh coconut juice or coconut milk.

Mexico: Created in the convent of Santa Clara, in the state of Puebla, rompope includes Mexican cinnamon and rum or grain alcohol, so it is sipped as a liqueur.

Peru: Peruvians celebrate the holidays with biblia con pisco, an eggnog made with a Peruvian brandy called pisco.

American South: Bourbon is a main ingredient in Southern-style eggnog. In New Orleans, it is referred to as syllabub, a less potent mixture than eggnog but just as rich. It?s made with milk, sugar and wine and is somewhere between a drink and a liquid dessert.

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