Shoplifting Dog

Murry, Ut, USA At Smith's Food & Drug in Murray, UT a popular place these days is the manager's office, where they have the surveillance video.

"You had to see to believe it", said Tracy Jacobson of Smith's Food & Drug, "but it happened. So. It's crazy."

A suspicious character entered through the front door.

"I've never seen him shop in here before, brand new customer" said Roger Adamson, the store manager

What happened next is already becoming legend.

"How likely is that, for a dog to walk into a store, go down the pet aisle, get his bone, and walk out?" Adamson said.

Let's reconstruct the crime a step at a time.

Entering at the checkout area he approached a young girl. At that point he had a decision to make. Left? No dog food. Right? Dog food.

He turned right and went straight to aisle 16. The dog food isle.

He grabbed a rawhide bone like this and headed down the aisle, only to be confronted by the manager.

"I looked at him, I said drop it! I decided I wanted to keep all my fingers. So, I didn't try to take it from him. He looked at me and I looked at him and he ran for the door and away he went. Right out the front door." Adamson added.

Expert Marshall Tanner said the culprit's sense of smell is 100,000 times better than the typical crook. At last word, he was still at large, presumably enjoying his Christmas gift.


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