Fresno Topless Bar Accused of Lewd Acts

Fresno, CA, USA State investigators said the topless bar allowed lewd acts to occur inside, and as punishment, they've suspended the bar's liquor license for ten days. Management said they're being picked on.

It's almost business as usual inside. Girls are dancing, but nobody's drinking alcohol.

An undercover investigation done by the Department of Alcohol and Beverage control to file 26 charges of illegal, lewd behavior in this club, saying the operator allowed illegal adult entertainment between customers and dancer.

In general terms the claim is the club violated state laws which prohibit sex acts, or simulated sex, and the touching or display of intimate areas of the body. Under the law, such clubs that serve alcohol are allowed to have dancers be topless if they are at least six feet away from customers.

Club bouncer Keith Baker explains the rules. "It goes topless only on stage, not when they're walking around on the floor. They have to be covered at all times when walking around on the floor."

Customers are supposed to keep their hands off. "The customers not allowed to touch the females, any part of their body whatsoever."

The suspension is also because a person under 21 was allowed inside to drink.

The investigation was done in April. But the enforcement action wasn't taken until Christmas Eve, it runs through January 3rd.

City Lights was open on Friday night, but will close for a few days including New Years Eve; meaning a loss of a business on a usually busy night.

Baker said it's his impression topless bars aren't welcome in Fresno, "ABC (California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) and the City of Fresno, don't really want us here along with Gold Diggers, which is understandable, but we're here for entertainment.


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